Are you interested in becoming part of our Royal team?

If so, just click on the Register Online button and simply fill out and submit the form, which will give us a clear indication that you want to be part of Royal and a member of the team. To support you in filling out the form and taking the right step ahead, let's take a brief look at who we are and what you can be a part of.

Royal Barber & Shop is the flagship of the Barber Company, which has successful barbering projects in its portfolio, the only Czech barber competition BarberBattle, which holds the promotion to the European Championship. Also accredited barber school Barber School, which has its own barber training center, and is also supported by the barber book Basics of Barbering. Barber Company is also an editorial company publishing Barber Magazine with news from the world of barbering. As a novelty in its portfolio, the Barber Company has the Barber Camp event, ie a 4-day camp for barbers on the beautiful Vranovská dam. You can be a part of all this and create creative interesting barber projects.

We would like to start with one quote: Without hard work, there are neither talents nor geniuses. If you are hardworking, reliable, communicative and you want to be part of the largest network of barbershops in the Czech Republic, then we are looking for you in our team! We can offer you regular education, a super team, good evaluation and career growth ... so do not hesitate and let us know about yourself by filling out the form. We look forward to you!


Robert Kellner

Contact the HR specialist

Tel: +420 778 011 123



Expansion and recruitment of barberas

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Aktuální města kde hledáme barbera do týmu
- Svitavy 
- Kutná Hora
- Kolín

Grant program

Do you want to become a barber and work on your career with us at the Royal Barber & Shop, but you are not a trained barber and you have never held scissors in your hand? Don't have enough money to change that and invest in a barber shop? We have a solution for you! Fill out and submit the online form. You will thus become one of the applicants for the Royal subsidy program. The subsidy program will make you a barber of everything. The program includes:

  • A three-month accredited retraining course at a partner Barber School

  • Basic equipment for barbers

  • Possibility of daily practice during the course

  • Royal start training

  • The book Basic Knowledge of Barbering

  • Intensive preparation for future work at Royal Barber & Shop

  • Non-stop advice via mobile application

The subsidy program does not have to be approved by everyone, it depends on the potential and permanent residence of the applicant. An applicant for a grant program living in a city of planned or current expansion is very likely to comply with his application.


Benefit program

The Royal Barber & Shop barber benefit program provided by our partners are financially very advantageous service packages to which everyone from the Advancet barber position is entitled.

1. Multi Sport - Discounted discount card for leisure activities.

2. T-Mobil - A very financially advantageous flat rate with an unlimited tariff

3. GoldenGate - Investment commodity account, the possibility of saving in precious metals zalto, silver.

Partner benefits

Partner benefits from our parent company BarberCompany, which has in its portfolio various companies from the field, organizing events, sales and training for barbers.

1. Barber Battle -